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What are the benefits of using Entrance Matting?

Entrance matting is often overlooked, but it is the first thing visitors see as they enter a property and is an important element for keeping inside floors safe and clean.

Why is entry matting so important for your structure?

• Safety

According to the HSE, slips are the most prevalent sort of injury among members of the public, so the first line of defense should be to keep floors clean. Entrance matting that has been properly specified and placed works hard to remove extra dirt and moisture from footwear and wheeled traffic. To prevent slips and trips, entrance matting provides a safe walking surface. It is a legal responsibility to maintain all entrances open and safe to use.

• Floor protection on the inside

By scraping impurities from footwear and wheeled traffic, entrance matting prevents external moisture and debris from entering the structure. The contaminants are collected by the matting, which prevents them from being transported to the building’s interior flooring. For maximum cleaning and protection, an entrance matting zoning system is recommended; read our ‘Tips for first-time entrance matting buyers’.

• Lower maintenance expenses

Footwear will be cleaner as a result of good entrance matting capturing dirt, and indoor flooring will require less cleaning and upkeep, lowering overall expenditures. As people walk, it takes at least six steps to wipe sweat and particles from their shoes. It’s crucial to remember that the higher the foot traffic, the longer the entry mats must be to prevent contaminants from entering the facility.

WaterHog Silver Entrance Mats is best choice as a entrance mats

• First impressions are crucial.

A well-kept entryway that is clean, tidy, and consistent with your branding will undoubtedly impress your visitors, as we all know that ‘first impressions count.’ To be effective, entrance matting must be both functional and attractive. See some of our most recent case studies for a variety of entry matting alternatives in terms of finish, design, and color.

• Design

Entrance matting, when properly constructed, can enhance the overall look and feel of an entrance while also delivering utilitarian and aesthetic benefits. The color of your entryway matting can express your company’s personality while also complementing the surrounding color palette. Within our aluminum entry matting and carpet entrance matting lines, there are many different types of entrance matting to meet particular demands.

What are the main advantages of using entryway matting?

• Increased security

• Internal flooring has a longer life span.

• Lower cleaning expenses

• Awe-inspiring, well-kept entryway

Buyers of Entrance Mats for the First Time

We’ve put up this useful guide to help you save time exploring the various entry matting options. The information will assist you in making the best entry matting decisions possible. Our sales team can also assist with any questions you may have and set up site surveys for the most exact product specs.

Consider the following:

When it comes to entry matting, we recommend using a zoning scheme. Creating three zones provides the best dirt barrier performance, assuring clean and hazard-free interior flooring.

Exterior Entrance Matting (Zone 1)

Outdoor barrier matting must be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, including snow, ice, and heat/sunlight. It is also necessary to evaluate the type of ‘usual’ footwear that will be worn. To remove any heavy soil from footwear before entering the building, this mat must have good scraper qualities. Debris falls through the open construction entry matting, leaving the area free of risks.

Matting for the Main Interior Entrance (Zone 2)

Interim entrance matting must be resistant and resilient to complete the task started by the external matting, which is to remove the most damaging particles such as soil, grit, and dampness.

Secondary Interior Entrance Matting (Zone 3)

Final drying and dust cleaning necessitate secondary interior entrance matting. The entrance matting must function properly.

Primary Interior Entrance Matting is the ideal alternative if your budget is restricted and you don’t want to use the zoning system.

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